Forms To Buy

Myers law Group is here for all of your needs. For those simple procedures that you want to handle yourself – we have forms for you to buy and do it yourself. See below :
Last Will and Testament
Wills not only distribute property, they are also used for:
  • Forgiving Debts
  • Create Trusts For Young Beneficiaries And Children
  • Names Guardians for your Children & Their Belongings
  • Name An Executor to Finalize Your Estate
The Power of Attorney
A few things POA will be able to control of:
  • Financial and Business Transactions
  • Buying Life Insurance
  • Settling Claims
  • Operating Business Interests
  • Selling Personal Property
  • Managing Real Estate
  • Collecting Debts
Healthcare Directive (Living Will)
What Healthcare Directive | Living Will includes:
  • Who Is Eligible To Make Decisions For you
  • Does Same Person Make Financial Decisions As Well As Medical For You
  • How Will Your Care Be Paid For
  • Is There Adequate Insurance?
  • Medical Treatments That Are Acceptable
  • Medical Treatments That Aren't Acceptable
  • Would You Like To Be Resuscitated If Your Heart Stops Or You Stop Breathing
  • If Terminally Ill Would you Like To Stay @ Hospital Or In Your Home, Or Somewhere Else
  • Medical Decisions
Divorce Complaint
A Divorce Complaint is also known as a petition. What the form does it informs the court that the spouse has the desire to terminate the marriage. This form is imperative as it starts the first step to initiate divorce. We have this form available below, if you click on our pay-pal you will be able to access this form and purchase it.
We have an example of the form on the left hand side.