Healthcare Directive (Living Will)

A Healthcare Directive is AKA a living will that will allow you to inform people of your wishes if for any reason you can't tell them because of injury or illness. If you do not have a healthcare directive you will still receive medical treatment not having one will not prevent that. However, the medical professionals will listen to the people close to you to help decide your treatment preferences. The only way to ensure what you actually want to happen is by having a healthcare directive. It is almost impossible to truly know what a dying person's wishes are unless they have been discussed ahead of time, that is why it is imperative to have one.

What Healthcare Directive | Living Will includes:
  • Who Is Eligible To Make Decisions For you
  • Does Same Person Make Financial Decisions As Well As Medical For You
  • How Will Your Care Be Paid For
  • Is There Adequate Insurance?
  • Medical Treatments That Are Acceptable
  • Medical Treatments That Aren't Acceptable
  • Would You Like To Be Resuscitated If Your Heart Stops Or You Stop Breathing
  • If Terminally Ill Would you Like To Stay @ Hospital Or In Your Home, Or Somewhere Else

It is so important to have a Healthcare Directive to really ensure your loved ones know your wishes ahead of time vs in the time of need. We realize how its not always convenient to get this taken care of that's why we do have options to purchase this form online. Below is an example of the form, you can click PayNow to get access to a paypal account to get the form online.
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