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Real Estate Law

Myers Law Group near Cranberry Township, PA provides real estate law services to residential and commercial clients in Warrendale and surrounding areas. Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, foreclosing, refinancing a mortgage, acquiring or selling commercial property we can help.


The document that proves you own your home or another piece of real estate. Typically the Deed needs to be recorded in the County that the property is located within.There are multiple formats for Deeds including Quit Claim Deeds, Special Warranty Deeds and General Warranty Deeds. As a consumer you would in most circumstances want a General Warranty Deed. See attached sample deed

Title Insurance

Our law firm provides Title Insurance for all real estate transactions. Title Insurance provide protection for mortgages that have not been satisfied and recorded against the property. Even if you are purchasing the real estate for cash it is in your best interest to protect your investment with title insurance. Title Insurance rates are regulated by the State of Pennsylvania, all companies should be charging the “card rate” based on the value of the property being insured.

Sales Agreement

Our law firm can provide a sales agreement for your commercial or residential purchase. A written contract is necessary to bind the parties into selling and purchasing a piece of real estate. A verbal agreement is not enforceable with regard to real estate acquisitions. This requirement for a written contract is called the Statue of Frauds. See attached sample deed.


Our law firm does many closing each year. This is when all terms and conditions of the Sales Agreement have been met and the buyer and seller are ready to exchange consideration (money) for the real estate. The closing company provides a HUD-1 statement typically that details the entire real estate transaction. See sample HUD-1

Real Estate Brokerage

Myers Law Group LLC is affiliated with Key Real Estate Services LLC. Key Real Estate is a Pennsylvania Licensed real estate brokerage and a member of the West Penn Multi-List. Key Real Estate LLC can be found at Through the law firm we offer discounted listing services as well as buyer agency services.

Commercial Transaction

Our law firm has conducted many complex commercial real estate transactions. These transactions have included large office complex negotiations and closings, commercial development leadership and shopping center acquisitions.

Site Selection Service

Myers Law Group through Key Real Estate can locate your new location, either retail or office and the fee can be paid by the Landlord. You receive the benefit of legal counsel reviewing your new lease or sales agreement while the landlord typically pays our fee.
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