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As Human Beings, our behavior is often not becoming of the person we strive to be. It is hard to be understanding about the nature and intent of our fellow man. And for this reason, those working in the justice system can be jaded, uncompromising and tough. It seems when you deserve a slap on the wrist, they give you a punch in the gut. Legal issues can definitely hit you where it hurts. For a list of our areas of practice in Criminal Law, please see below.

Driving Under the Influence

When a driver is charged with Driving under the influence Myers Law Group will evaluate the potential paths that the case will take including the ARD eligibility. Multiple offenders will enter into a Phoenix program or other defined penalty. Each county has a different approach for dealing with multiple offenders. Note that mandatory sentences are in place and they involve both incarceration and driver license suspension. Myers Law Group has successfully defended multiple cases form first time offense to 4th time defense. This area of the law requires an experienced attorney to assist you in navigating the options.

Drug Related Defense

Myers Law Group near Cranberry Township, PA has successfully defended both adults and juveniles in drug related offenses. Special attention must be paid to the school student and consequences in certain school districts. The firm has been involved in many different counties and court systems defending both possession and intent to deliver charges.

Assault Cases

The firm has represented clients to the best outcomes possible in both felony and misdemeanor assault charges. These cases can at times be resolved at the district justice office with participation at the preliminary hearing. The Court will determine if there is enough evidence to hold the case over to trial. Most important to be represented at this level because at times the cases can be dismissed.

Shoplifting Cases

Myers Law Group has defended individuals charged with misdemeanor shoplifting cases in both Allegheny and Butler Counties. These cases can typically be resolved at the Preliminary Hearing. Restitution is an important part of a successful outcome. Many times these cases are linked to drug issues and the firm has handled both to successful outcomes.

Traffic Tickets

We have handled many traffic tickets as most proceed to the District Justice office and can be resolved at that level. Very often cases will be dropped down to lesser offenses with counsel negotiating a more favorable verdict for the client. Do not simply plead guilty and send the citation back in the mail. This can cost you money that you do not owe and create car insurance issues with higher premiums or lost coverage.
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