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District Magistrate

Myers Law Group near Cranberry Township, PA has successful pursed or defended hundreds of district justice complaints to completion. This is the first step in many lawsuits. The jurisdictional limit of the controversy is $12,000. All landlord and tenant disputes must originate in the District Justice office. Many disputes are resolved at this level. District Magistrate also has typical responsibility to hear Preliminary Hearings on criminal matters as well.

Court of Common Pleas

Our law firm has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in counties across Western Pennsylvania. Most cases in this Court are higher valued disputes because of the expense associated with pursuit of these actions. This Court has more formalized requirements for filing a Complaint. A Complaint will identify the parties, the fact pattern of the allegations and ultimately a demand for either action or money. After the Complaint is served the Defendant needs to file a responsive pleading which could include an Answer, Preliminary Objections or other filing.
Gavel- Law Practice in Cranberry Township, PA

United States Federal District Court

Myers Law Group has litigated multiple cases in the Western District of Pennsylvania including Age Discrimination Cases and Sex Discrimination cases. Recently Myers Law Group has been admitted to Ohio Federal Court in defense of a specific corporate client in a breach of contract case. The Federal Court system is a very technology driven environment that required expertise in electronic filing and pleading format.

Breach of Contract

Myers Law Group is uniquely qualified to represent business clients as well as individuals. Jeffrey P. Myers has both an Masters of Business Administration and Juris Doctor from Duquesne University. Myers has been both an employee for a large real estate development entity and has successfully completed his own real estate developments. Myers Law Group understands the risks associated with being in business and entering into contracts.
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